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A New Numerical Approach to Study Heat Transfer in Packed and Fluidized Beds

Packed and fluidized bed reactors are widely used in various industries, which generally involves complicated multiphase flow, heat transfer and chemical reactions. The performance of these reactors heavily depends on the hydrodynamics and thermal-chemical behavior of particles in interaction with fluid. Understanding and modeling coupled flow and heat transfer in fluid bed reactors at a particle scale is a rapidly developing research area, in connection with the development of discrete particle simulation techniques and computer technology. The discrete approach based on the discrete element method has been developed for this purpose, and increasingly plays a more significant role in this area. The key advantage of this approach is that it can produce microscopic and dynamic information of particulate systems, which is directly related to the prediction of bed flow and thermal behavior. In this short review, the development of this approach is briefly discussed, together with its applications to some cases. It is concluded that this particle scale approach is effective for studying the coupled fluid flow and heat transfer in fluid-bed reactors, although further developments are necessary to be generally applied to industrial processes. Keywords- Heat Transfer, Fluid Reactors, Numerical Modelling