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Development of Design Triz Forconverged Design Service System using Patented Big Data Analysis Methodology

The objective of this research is developing design TRIZ idea for convergence design solution using patented big data analysis methodology.Development of design TRIZ idea for convergence design will be three steps for design solution service. First, analyze the patented trend service. Second, design TRIZ idea, and the third design IP(Intellectual Property) value evaluation service. Designing TRIZ idea is focused on this research. For designing TRIZ idea, first, constructing 42 factor tables that added 3 contradictory design factors to 39 existing contradictory factor. Assign and apply 59 newly developed design resolution principles to the existing 41 technology resolution principles table. After collecting 56 data base cases based on design solution principle, applying to converged design service system. Based on contradiction factors applying to design TRIZ, design intellectual property evaluation index with Gestalt theory will be developed. Design intellectual property evaluation manual will be established through research linked with technical value evaluation index. System development and system performance will evaluated by the user. User evaluation will be done two times by experts and user of the patent searching service. Experts and users will give a feedback about service error and various issues of the patent searching service. Based on business model scenario, three main core integration services will be constructed and service platform will be established. With those result of research, converged design service system using patented big data analysis methodology will be made. Keywords: Design TRIZ, Contradiction Factor, Patent, Inventive Principles