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Optimization of Extraction of Garlic Essential Oil and its use as a Natural Antioxident

An essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plant. Essential oils are generally extracted by distillation often by using steam. In this study essential oil from garlic was extracted using steam distillation and its optimization was carried out. The physicochemical analysis of the Rice bran oil obtained after addition of garlic essential oil was carried out followed by FTIR analysis. Peroxide values, Free Fatty Acid content, oryzanol content of rice bran oil were analyzed. The results showed a slightly higher level of degradation of pure rice bran oil compared to the blended Rice bran oil during deep fat frying. FTIR analysis also revealed the same trend as there was not much difference in the graph obtained except for the higher transmittance in case of the pure rice bran oil depicting a slightly higher level of degradation compared to the blended one. It may be concluded that garlic essential oil can be used as a natural anti-oxidant. Rice bran oil is stable oil good for deep fat frying and addition of garlic essential oil as a natural antioxidant enhances the stability of the oil during frying. Keywords - Rice bran oil, peroxide value, free fatty acid, viscosity, oryzanol , FTIR