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Trapped Magnetic Flux in Finely Ground Graphite Flakes: Possible Manifestation of Granular Superconductivity

In this work, we observed a steady trapped magnetic flux in thin graphite flakes obtained from bulk highly oriented pyrolytic graphite (HOPG). Magnetization curves of the finely ground graphite flake sample after cooling down from 300 K to 10 K in the magnetic field of 1 T revealed the non-zero additive magnetic moment with the sign corresponding to the applied magnetic field during the field cooling. This additive magnetic moment is stable with respect to an exposure of the sample to the magnetic field of 1T which might indicate the presence of the superconducting phase inclusion in the sample that reveal itself via the trapped fluxes. In addition to magnetic measurements morphological and structural properties of the sample are also reported. Keywords - Graphite flakes, PPMS, magnetic moment, flux trapping