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Green Building Concept Implementation for Residential Project: An Insight Among Construction Players in Sarawak

This quantitative study aims to explore the perceptions of housing builders towards green residential development. Presently, the demand for green residential is very low because buyers hesitate to pay 30% more costs for a green residential than a conventional house. Where this statement applicable to Peninsular Malaysia, to extend of this conceptual study, this research develop to study towards Sarawak’s builders perception. The data collections for the study its through structured questionnaire which send to 200 respondents which are housing developers and contractors. However, these study its limited to Sibu, Miri and Kuching areas only. Respondent’s perception towards implementing green residential and the constraint factors make them refuse to implement this concept has been discussed further. The findings of the study will be useful for gibing a new idea in green residential concept to Sarawak’s builders. Therefore, they may consider constructing their own residential project by following implementing this concept. Keywords: Perception, Housing Developers, Contractors, Green Residential.