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Free Inventory Platform Manages Chemical Risks, Addresses Chemical Accountability, and Measures Cost-Effectiveness

To develop best practices for laboratory safety and for chemical product and supplies management accountability, the freely-available online platform, Quartzy, was integrated within an interdisciplinary science department at a small Mid-Atlantic liberal-arts college. This was done to ensure the accuracy ofpurchase records, the appropriate use of storage and handling protocols, and fora continually updated chemical inventory system. Quartzyalso facilitated the digital tracking and dispersal of the College’s hazardous waste inventory. Since the implementation of the Quartzy platform, the science department achieved significant cost-savings during the procurement of laboratory supplies and equipment, and it developed a sense of ownership towards the common goal of lowering the College's environmental impact as it relates to its managing of laboratory-generated hazardous wastes. Keywords - Quartzy, Chemicals, Inventory, Hazardous, Waste, Wesley College, SOP, GLP