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Qualitative Study of ETP of Soyabean Oil Extraction and Refinery, Vidisha

The rapid growth of Indian economy in last 20 years has brought with it the attendant challenge of dealing with a dramatic rise in pollution. The oil solvent extraction and refinery of 200 TPD located in dense sensitive area where two side is hospital and one side is school, and being functional with all the pollution control measure without any problem. The industry is medium scale and installed water pollution measure. The treated water is being recycled within the plant. Now proposed to install Reverse Osmosis plant for advanced treatment of treated water and multi-effect evaporator for RO rejects. So that industry could be reused all treated waste water in the process. In that way water could be saved as well as the disposal problem of waste water could be solved. Water pollution occurs due to the presence of highly acidic waste, oil and grease, TSS, BOD & COD. The treatment methods have necessarily to be specific. The standard under The Environment (Protection) Rules, 1986 has been published and incorporated limits of waste water discharge is 2.0 Cubic meter./Tonne of oil/refinery and integrated unit has limits of 4.00 Cubic meter/Tonne of refined oil. The advanced waste water treatment technology is designed to remove pollutants which are not adequately removed by conventional secondary treatment process. Now in India the concept of ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) has been included, so that we can protect the water bodies from the industrial pollution. Zero liquid discharge is a process that is beneficial to industrial and municipal organization as well as the environment because it serve many and no effluent or discharge in leftover. ZLD technology includes pre treatment of the industrial effluent under the dissolved solids precipitate as crystals, there crystals are removed and dried by dryer. The water vapor from evaporation is condensed and returned to the process. The study was carried out of qualitative study of ETP of soyabean oil extraction and refinery of medium scale industry. The raw material is soyabean and raw imported oil has been used as a raw material in the process. These kind of plant spread all over the Country for catering refined oil of local citizens. The waste water generations and their disposal are the problems. So that proper treatment required for handling of problems to avoid the disposal outside the plant premises