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Study and Experiment Analysis of the Feasibility of Partial Replacement of Industrial Waste Glass Powder as Cement in Self Compacting

Manufacturing of cement by the industries is one of the potential sources for Carbon-di-oxide emission to the atmosphere. Glass Powder acts as an alternative material to be used in place of cement in concrete .Glass is environmental friendly and economical in terms of availability with respect to cement as a construction material. Glass is nonbiodegradable material not suitable for landfill. In this paper partial replacement of cementitious material in self compacting concrete in 5%, 10%, 15%. The replacement of glass powder can decrease the porous nature by decreasing the water absorption capability and it does not undergo the process of hydration. The workability of self compacting concrete is determined by using slump flow test and the crushing and abrasion strength of aggregate is determined by using impact test .Therefore, the glass powder has the capability to replace the cement at some extent and contribute the strength and durability properties . Keywords- Self Compacting Concrete; Domestic Glass; Cement; Workability; Carbon-di-Oxide