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Optimization of Tribo-parameters for Evaluating Wear with using Magnetorheological Fluid in Reciprocating Motion

In a modern engineering field, the magnetorheological fluid is used in various application such as damper, brake and clutch in automobile, aerospace and railway technology. In this research work wear of aluminium has been studies using reciprocating tribological apparatus with using magneto rheological fluid. This study has focused on reciprocation motion in magneto rheological damper. Thesets of experiments were carried out with variation of load, frequency and temperature. Design of experiments was done by Taguchi orthogonal array. The process parameters were optimised by using Taguchi method. Further ANOVA was done for determine the contribution of each parameter in wear analysis of aluminium. It has been concluded that without using magnetic field frequency and with using magnetic field load has most contribution in wear. Keywords – Magneto rheological fluid, damper, magnetic field, Taguchi.