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Ferroelectric and Piezoelectric Properties of Lead– Free Bifeo3– Linbo3–Batio3 Ceramics

Lead-free ternary (1–x)(Bi1.05FeO3)–0.02LiNbO3–xBaTiO3 (BFLNBT, with x = 0.34–0.40) system were synthesized by conventional solid-state reaction method. The influence of BT-content on the crystal symmetry, dielectric properties, ferroelectric properties and field induced response of BFLNBT was investigated. The crystal symmetry were studied by X-ray diffractometer, which showed that all BFLNBT compositions possessed single phase perovskite structure with pseudocubic symmetry at room temperature. The ferroelectric behavior of BFLNBT system were successfully measured with fully and slim saturated polarization vs electric field (P–E) loops, under an applied field of 70 kV/cm. The maximum polarization (Pmax) and remnant polarization (Pr) of BFLN–0.34BT were 32 μC/cm2 and 19 μC/cm2, respectively. At applied electric field of 7 kV/mm, the optimum (x = 0.34) ceramic composition show large normalized strain (d* 33= Smax/Emax =) of 322 pm/V. Keywords- Lead-Free, Dielectric, Ferroelectric, Field Induced Strain Properties