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Effect of Incubation Period and Reaction Conditions on Pectinase Enzyme Produced by Bacterial Isolates

The present work has been undertaken for the screening and isolation of pectinase producing bacteria from the fruit and vegetable waste samples (Apple, Orange, Guava, Pears, Banana and Tomato) collected from Mandalay region and Shan state in Myanmar. Screening of pectinase producing bacterial strains was done by spot inoculation on pectinase screening agar medium. Two bacterial isolates were found positive results for pectinolytic activity giving halozone formation and designated as O6 and T2. The quantitative determination of pectinase producing activities was carried out by Miller method using Dinitrosalicylic Acid Reagent in which pectin was used as substrate for pectinase enzyme. One of the major components of pectin, D Galacturonic acid, was used for standard curve to determine the enzyme activity by quantitatively. Pectinase activity was optimized for various parameters like incubation time, temperature, pH and reaction time. Maximum enzyme activity was observed at seven days incubation period and the reaction condition of 40°C and 45°C temperatures and at pH 5. O6 showed better pectinase activity than T2 at all optimum conditions except reaction temperature. Key Works— Pectin, bacteria, DNS, pectinase, optimization