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A New Pyrylium Compound for Sensitive Protein Assay

Promising pyrylium compound for use in assaying protein into a wide range (0.606-200nMolar) with very high sensitivity is presented here in. The compound is having very low fluorescence intensity when it is unbound. However, when reacting with an amine, the compound is emitting very high fluorescence. Samples containing amine including proteins can be assayed with high accuracy by using this pyrylium compound. The compound was checked with different concentrations of bovine serum albumin (BSA) and proved reproducible for protein estimation. The lowest amount that had been detected in the corresponding samples was 40ng of BSA/ml. Results are showing concentration dependent increase in fluorescence intensity and standard concentration curves can be generated for estimating unknown protein concentrations with high linearity (R2 >0.96 ). The compound would be promising for development as kit for high sensitive estimation of protein concentration in samples.