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Evaluation of Maturity During Forced-Aeration Composting of Korean Native Cattle Manure Using Commercial Crops

Hanwoo species are known to be a Korean native cattle seen as important multi-functional animals(Milk, meat, manure etc.,). However, Hanwoo manures are receiving more attention due to the nutrient rich (i.e., high nitrogen, carbon and other elements)contents. However, to improve the quality and eradicate the phytotoxicity of manure, present work involved the composting of Hanwoo manure through the composting process. In the final compost product, C:N ratio was notably reduced up to 13 and seed germination index was recorded as 90% and 94 % in sesame and radish respectively. The composted manures were matured and it was confirmed through the based on phytotoxicity analysis Keywords: C:N ratio, Commercial crops,Hanwoo manure,Phytotoxic analysis