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Design, Implementation and Characterization of a Simple Water-Resist UV Detector Based on Dye Sensitized Cell

Self power UV detectors based on TiO2 has attracted a lot of attention due to its excellent semiconductor properties. Dye sensitized solar cell based- TiO2 was previously design to be used as an alternative to the conventional solar cell. It resembles a low cost source of renewable energy. In this paper, dye sensitized cell was investigated and modified to be used as a low cost practical UV light detector. A small bias voltage was applied to the cell through its electrodes in order to control the amount of charge carriers. To increase the detector stability, the device was sealed to isolate it from the environment using cross-linked SU-8 photo resist. The detector was tested in ambient as well as underwater to check its reliability and robustness. The detector shows high responsivity, around 1440 A/W, and fast response for both on/off and continuous light irradiations. Keyword- Optoelectronics, sensors, UV detectors