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Managing Design Process and its effect on Construction Projects

Development projects in middle east present special conditions in which the designers/ consultant of projects must focus on each design stage from conceptual design to tendering stage to deliver all design phases without any delay. International consultancy firms whose there staff are multinational and had the opportunity to work in the region, the advanced new architectural and structural software, the squeezed time of project completion by the client, and the fast growth of project development ( new cities) and infrastructure development are some factors that contributed to the delay of project completion where designers of consultancy firms don’t have the sufficient capability to manage and control the design process. This study determines the factors that contribute to project delays caused by consultancy firms who don’t manage and control design process based on the clear understanding the project objectives.Findings and recommendations of this research is recorded based on specific questionnaires designed for design engineers, resident engineers and architects who works with consultancy firms and based on interviews with some of project managers from client and contractor side to find out the effect of consultant adoption to the implications of managing the design procedures for any project and actions should be considered and taken by design managers and the rest of his team to complete the design on time without any discrepancies in design drawings and tender documents of the construction project. Keywords - Process of design, Engineers Obligations, Design Management, Project Objectives, Architect and Engineer