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Proposal for Eco-Friendly Certification Information Generation Process using Web Crawling Technology

The application of an eco-friendly certification system is becoming increasingly mandatory in Korea and internationally; as a result, various business improvement processes have been proposed. Studies have been carried out to generate information that can be used for certification work by applying building information modeling (BIM), as well as to review legal codes using the generated information. In addition, studies to establish a classification system for building material database that can be used for the eco-friendly certification system have also conducted. However, there is still a lack of research on systematically managing and continuously updating the generated information. Therefore, in this study, we propose an automated process of generating eco-friendly certification information by building a database using a Web crawler that automatically collects information extracted from the BIM model and unstructured data on the Web. Furthermore, we identify the potential problems that can occur during the Web crawling process as well as how to address them. This study is expected to contribute to the establishment of a database that can reduce the time required for eco-friendly certification and enables the use of accurate information for the certification process through constant updates. Keywords—Data Crawling, Database, Construction Material, Extracting information