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Air Quality Measurement Method of Closed Space using Drones and Sensor to Ensure Operator Safety

Work in an underground space, a tunnel at a construction site, or in an enclosed space, such as tank, may have hazardous gases. In fact, worker injuries or death caused by hazardous gases or fires in enclosed spaces are quite common. To reduce worker risk for hazards such as smoke/gas inhalation, fire, and explosion in enclosed spaces, technologies are being developed to measure air, pollutants, and hazardous gases in confined spaces in real time. A particular challenge comes from installing measurement equipment at a specific location during maintenance work such as at a construction site, tank or water tank. Moreover, these devices take measurements only while work is being conducted and thus may not adequately measure the safety of the environment prior to commencing such work. As such, this study proposes a method to measure air quality using a drone outfitted with sensors to check conditions in advance in order to determine that an environment is safe for workers. Index Terms—Air Quality, Drone, Sensor, Closed Space Work