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Network Diffusion Model for Neurodegenerative Diseases with Internal and External Diffusion

Most neurodegenerative diseases are incurable and deadly due to lack of understanding about its underlying mechanisms. Mathematical models can be a ray of hope in such scenarios, as they can contain the essence of complexity of biological systems, and elucidate the underlying pathways which are impossible otherwise. Network diffusion model is a recent development in modelling propagation of neurodegenerative diseases in the brain. Based on the hypothesis that infectious agents in these diseases are spread through neuronal connections rather than proximity, this model based on graph theory provide thorough understanding about how these diseases progress in brain. In addition to explaining the propagation of diseases, it also helps in prediction of future disease patterns in the patient. In this work, we propose a modification to network diffusion model to include internal diffusion process which is overlooked by the standard model. This theoretical proposition overcomes the limitation of network diffusion model which is important due to 'leaking' of infectious agents while propagating neurodegenerative diseases and limited spatial resolution of experimental data. Keywords - network diffusion, graph model, neurodegeneration, internal diffusion.