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Pink and White Colour Band Polymer Formation through Forntal Polymerization

Pink and White banded colour polymers have been prepared in methacrylic acid/ benzoyl peroxide/ methanol/ hydroquinone /N, N- dimethyl aniline system at 30º C in a test tube having 9 mm inner diameter. Polymerization front was initiated by adding N, N- dimethyl aniline at the top of the solution containing homogenous mixture of methacrylic acid/benzoyl peroxide/methanol/hydroquinone which moves downward with a uniform velocity. The number of bands and front velocity increases with increasing the initial concentration of benzoyl peroxide. The measurement of the front temperature by a thermocouple with respect to front position shows a slow increase in temperature followed by sharp increase to a temperature up to 150º C and followed by slow decrease of few ºC. These colour band polymers appear in a range of initial concentration of benzoyl peroxide, methanol, hydroquinone, N, N- dimethyl aniline. Keywords - Frontal polymerization, Oscillation etc.