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Time-Dependent Change of Physical and Chemical Parameters in Artificial Lakes; The Sample of Harran University Lake

Deterioration of artificial lakes in chemical and physical terms limits its usage by humans with different aims. Through this study, it has been aimed to consider physical and chemical properties of the artificial lake and the identification of pollution occurring and that is likely to occur and thus taking the necessary measures to prevent it at Osmanbey campus in Harran University. For this aim, samples have been obtained and analyzed at the entrance and exit of the pond once every 15 days. The suitability of the physical and chemical pollution parameters has been researched. As a result of the research done, the pond has been found to be compatible with the WHO data in terms of the water-quality and also it has been determined that to maintain this condition the pond should be protected against the pollution surrounding it. Keywords- artificial lakes, Harran University, artificial lake of Osmanbey campus, pollution, water quality.