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Experimental Design Analysis of Electric Power Generation and Refrigeration by Using Waste Heat

Electricity is most important for the human life and industries, but the available energy is very less. Today, the demand of energy is increasing tremendously, but available energy lacks in supply. We are proposing a solution through this paper. The main stress of this paper is on energy conservation by using technique of utilizing waste heat from exhaust waste heat from IC engines (automobiles). This power can be used to charge the battery and reduce the fuel consumption and battery life is also increased. The paper includes the design and analysis of TEG with the material used; efficiency of TEG and the heat transfer in TEG are also studied using ANSYS. The study shows the factors affecting the efficiency of TEG. The main objective of this paper is to produce power from the waste sources and to reduce the heat let into the atmosphere, reduce the fuel consumption and to increase the life of the battery used in automobiles. Index terms - Energy, TEG, Efficiency, IC engines