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Strategic Capacity Planning and Project Portfolio Management with Constrained Resources: A Case Study

Strategic capacity planning and project portfolio management are top management decision and tough tasks. This paper talks about systematic way of Strategic Capacity Planning of the entire plant/company for next two years to manage project portfolio of the plant/company. Tool used to get optimal solution is Excel function- solver which would help top management to take strategic decision of utilizing plant’s capacity to its optimal extent and how much work load to do inhouse, outsource, overtime and postpone to next work cycle to best meet demanded work load demanded by various projects of the company with minimum cost of operation for 2 years plan (in this case). Analysis has been carried out by using Chase (Demand matching) strategy and Hybrid (Mixed) strategy of capacity planning. After achieving strategic capacity planning for next two years on monthly basis, now, next work is to allocate this work load capacity to different projects of the company according to the priority of the projects under multiple criteria decision making using analytical hierarchy process (AHP). AHP is used to rank the projects based on multiple criteria, in order to prioritize them for capacity allocation and hence to manage project portfolio of the company. Keywords - Strategic Capacity Planning, Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Multi-Project Environment (MPE), AHP.