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Bacterial Diversity and Antibiotic Resistance from Sediments of Aegean Sea

Antibiotic susceptibility levels of diverse bacterial communities in sediments of Aegan Sea were investigated. Higher bacterial diversity having higher antibiotic resistance was found in coastal sediments of Izmir Bay influenced by anthropogenic activities, river and sewage discharge compared to offshore sediments of Aegean Sea.The familiesAlteromonadaceae, Exiguobacteriaceae, Halomonadaceae, Moraxellaceae, Planococcaceae, Staphylococcaceae, Bacillaceae, Pseudoalteromonadaceae, Vibrionaceae were obtained.In addition to Bacillus, Halomonas and Photobacterium and Salinimonas strainshaving high probability of representing new taxa, 58 % of total isolates were resistant with mostly the genus Bacillus. Thehigh multiple antibiotic resistance index was obtained from both coastal and offshore sediments as 19 % and 14 %, respectively. Index Terms- Antimicrobial activities, Mediterranean Sea,phylogenetic diversity, 16S rRNA genes.