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Reactive Antibacterial Agent-Triazinesulfobetaine

With the emergency of microbial infection and multi-drug resistant bacterial strains, to research some new, effective, biocompatible, environmental friendly and durable antibacterial efficiency antimicrobial agents becomes more important. Novel s-triazine based reactive sulfobetaine antibacterial agents was synthesized and the antibacterial activity of triazine sulfobetaine against E.coli and S.aureus was evaluated based on the turbidity of cell suspension. The MIC of s-triazine sulfobetaine against to S.aureus were 2 mg/ml. It is electrically neutral. When it was used in cotton textiles, it can resist the growth of the bacteria and the adhesion to the surface to form bio film. Index Terms – Bio film, microbial infection, multi-drug resistant, reactive sulfobetaine,.