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Heat Transfer and Climatic Loads at Insulating Glass Units in Window Systems

The insulating glass units (IGU) are widely used at advanced and renovated buildings in order to reduce the energy for heating and cooling. In contrast to the single or multilayer non-pressurized glass systems gage or vacuum pressure occurs in the hermetised gas spaceinIGU and cause mechanical deformation of the glass panes. Those internal loads are results of variations of the altitude, meteorological pressure and gas temperature according to the same at the process of sealing. The gas temperature depends on the IGU configuration and varies with the climatic conditions. It is result of a transient conjugate heat transfer, including radiation in solar and infrared wave length, thermal conduction in the solid parts of IGU, convection in the hermetised gas space, indoor and outdoor environments. The study of these processes remains a topical issue because of the variety of materials, coatings and construction solutions used in modern building envelopes. Models and conceptions for numerical simulation of heat transfer at insulating window systems, in order to estimate their thermal performance and internal loads at IGU as function of the meteorological conditionsare developed in the present work. Computations and analyses of 3D temperature, fluid flow fields, thermal performances and maximal internal loads at IGU in insulating window system are implemented. Keywords- IGU, Window Systems, Thermal Loads, CFD, Conjugate Heat Transfer, Mathematical Modeling, Simulation