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Expression Profiling of Reactive Oxygen Species Signaling and Aerenchyma Formation Genes under Waterlogging Conditions in Maize

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are the deleterious chemicals which induce cellular damage during oxidative stress. Under hypoxic conditions, ROS signaling allows the deformation of cellular components in roots and formation of a new tissue called aerenchymous tissue which unblocks the oxygen transfer throughout the plant. In root cortex, cell wall modification (CWM) promotes the formation of aerenchyma cells in roots under waterlogging conditions as an adaptive mechanism. Here, we investigated the differential expression of CWM and ROS signaling genes under waterlogging conditions in maize. Our study established the importance of genes regulating ROS signaling and CWM for waterlogging tolerance and these genes can be used as candidates in generating waterlogging tolerant hybrids in maize.