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Isolation and Characterization of Antifungal Producing Pseudomonas SPP

The discovery of and the development of antibiotics have not only transformed modern medicine but also have proven exceptionally useful in microbiological research. Soil has always been the promising source of antibiotics. Soil microbes mainly soil fungi are the source of first antibiotic and many more. An investigation was carried out to determine the presence of antibiotics producing bacteria from the soil. Soil samples were collected from different places and a bacterium was isolated producing antifungal which has also activity against human fungal pathogens. Further characterization revealded that it was Pseudomonas spp. In the current scenario of multidrug resistance and limited availbility of antifungals, this study will be helpful to explore the isolation of antifugal with novel mechanism of action. This study will also be helpful to explore the novel unexplored antibiotics from soil fungi up to industrial level. Index terms: Antibiotics, Soil microbes, Drug resistance, Antifungal, Fungal pathogens, Novel mechanism