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Effect of Antioxidant on Storage Stability of Citrus Maxima Biodiesel

Petroleum reserves in the world are depleting with each passing day leaving us in an uncertain future. In recent years, biodiesel has come up as a promising sign in the field of alternative energy resource. Biodiesel is a biofuel and biofuels do have the problem of storage stability. Biodiesel undergoes decomposition whenever it comes in contact with the surrounding environment such as sun light, moisture, humidity, contaminants etc. These factors cause precipitation in biodiesel which may result engine fouling upon use as a fuel. This study is aimed to observe the storage stability behavior of citrus maxima over a period of time upon storage in a closed environment. Storage stability of biodiesel is measured based on tests of acid value, peroxide value and viscosity of the fuel at regular interval of time. Anti-oxidant such as TBHQ can suppress the oxidation. In this present study TBHQ effect on storage stability of citrus maxima biodiesel has been studied. Index terms: Citrus Maxima, biodiesel, acid value, peroxide value, kinematic viscosity, anti-oxidant Abbreviations:TBHQ_Tert Butyl Hydro Quinone, ASTM_American Standard for Testing Material, NaOH_Sodium Hydroxide, KOH_Potassium Hydroxide