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Gingival Crevicular Blood as a Non Invasive Technique for Screening Blood Glucose Level

Introduction-Diabetes Mellitus is one of the major chronic health problems and 50% of the diabetes go undiagnosed. Therefore, there is a critical need for diagnosis and detection of diabetes. The association between diabetes and periodontitis have exposed the dentist to many undiagnosed patients. Oozing blood from the gingival crevice during probing may allow non-invasive or minimally invasive monitoring of blood glucose using Accu chek, self-monitoring glucometer on a routine basis. Aim-Comparison between blood glucose level in diabetic and non-diabetic groups using gingival crevicular blood and peripheral blood. Method-The study involved 50 diabetic and 50 non-diabetic subjects and two blood samples, blood from crevicular and blood from patient’s finger were taken. These samples were than compared using Karl Pearson’s method. Result- Karl Pearson’s product moment correlation (r) was evaluated giving a positive correlation between gingival crevicular blood glucose (GCBG) values and peripheral finger stick blood glucose (PFBG) values [r = 0.943 in diabetics and r = 0.926 in non-diabetics]. Conclusion-There was no statistically significant difference between GCBG and PFBG in diabetic and non-diabetic group when measured by a glucometer. Keywords - Diabetes mellitus, periodontitis