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Is Artificial Intelligence Better than Manual Methods in Diagnosis of Electrocardiograms (ECGS) or not?

Cardiac diseases have become the major killer diseases. Previously ECGs were used to be diagnosed manually by skilled physicians. Now artificial intellegence is used extensively to diagnose ECGs. Artificial intellegence is the point where the doctors and engineers meet to decrease the misdiagnosis of cardiac diseases. So we thought it worthwhile to compare and contrast the ECG diagnosis by artificial intellegence and skilled physicians. AIM: This paper exposes the potential of diagnosis of each ECG by artificial intelligence and skilled physicians. METHOD: The research was done on 30 ECGs and their diagnosis was compared by both the methods. OBSERVATION: The result was divided into 3 categories: absolutely misdiagnosed, relatively misdiagnosed and correctly diagnosed. RESULT: Out of these 33% ECGs are absolutely misdiagnosed, 44% ECGs are relatively misdiagnosed and 23% ECGs are correctly diagnosed. CONCLUSION: Our study concludes that artificial intelligence needs human intervention as well. A combination of human brain and artificial intelligence has made wonders, thus diagnosis and treatment planning can be enhanced. Index terms - Artificial intellegence, Cardiac diseases, Electrocardiograms, Skilled Physicians