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Detoxification Of Hazardous Organic/Inorganic Contaminantsin Automobile Shredder Residue by Multi-Functioned Nano-Size Metallic Calcium Composite

In recent years, environmental nanotechnology has risen to the forefront and the new properties and enhanced reactivates offered by nanomaterial may offer a new, low-cost paradigm to solving complex environmental pollution problems.This study assessed the synthesis and application of multi-functionednano-size metallic calcium (nMC)composite for detoxification of hazardous inorganic (heavy metals (HMs)/organic chlorinated/brominated compound (CBCs)contaminants in automobile shredder residue (ASR). ASR residuesball milled with nMCcompositecan achieve about 90-100% of HMs immobilization and CBCsdecomposition.The results highlight the low quantity of HMs leached from ASR residues after treatment with nMC,which was found to be lower than the standard regulatory limit for hazardous waste landfills. The use of nMC compositein a mechanochemicalprocess to treat hazardous ASR (dry conditions)is asimple and innovative approach to remediate hazardous inorganic/organic cross-contaminatesin ASR. Keywords- Nano-sized metallic calcium, Automobile shredder residue,Organic/inorganic contaminants, Immobilization,Detoxification.