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Green Technology for Sustainable Development in Melting Process in Foundry Industry

The goal of present paper is to get better competitiveness in the foundry industry by developing and empirically testing a trial product, grounded-theory model to forecast environmentally sustainable practices (e.g., recycling, reduction of resource usage, training and education, etc.) which lead to competitive outcomes (e.g., decreased cost, increased quality, increased sales, etc.). Attributable to recycling of metals, most foundries have considered themselves as a part of the green technology before the term “green’’ was even coined. The foundry industry handles large quantities of processed waste materials and has the potential to emit large quantity of carbon dioxide and other pollutants in atmosphere. This large pressure not only forces foundry industries to be more ecologically sensitive but also offers a huge opportunity to do research in sustainable industry development. It is extensively accepted that green technology is one approach; industries could adopt to be sustainable. This paper proposes an move toward on how Green Technology can support the development of sustainable foundries; it will be helpful to understand “How we can become a practical green foundry industry”. This study will contribute in providing advice to manage and improve the GT practices to meet the needs of the foundry industries. Keywords - Green Technology, Sustainable development, Ecological.