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Role of Rapid Serological Tests in the Diagnosis of Acute Leptospirosis in South Gujarat Region, India

Aim / Objective: This study aimed at evaluating the role of rapid diagnostic tests in the diagnosis of Acute Leptospirosis. Material & Methods: A total of 238 samples were collected from patient with suspected leptospirosis and subjected to serological assay by Leptocheck WB rapid immunoassay. Isolation of leptospira from whole blood samples of these patients was also performed. Analysis of above two methods to reach a diagnosis of Leptospirosis was then done. Results: 46 (19%) Cases of leptospirosis detected by rapid test whereas only 16 (6.7%) Leptospires were isolate from heparinized whole blood sample. Conclusion: This study highlights the importance of rapid serological procedure in diagnosis of leptospirosis. Rapid assay do not requires specialized equipment, and suitable for use in rural area in the diagnostic laboratories. Keywords - Rapid diagnostic tests, Isolation, Acute leptospirosis, Serology.