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Spherulitic Growths Driven by Self-Assembly in Belousov-Zhabotinsky Type Oscillatory Reaction System

Investigation has been made to study the crystallization patterns in Belousov-Zhabotinsky (BZ) type oscillatory reaction. This was consisting of acetyl acetone (AA), succinic acid (SA), Ce +3 /Fe +2 ions, and acidic bromate (BrO 3 ˉ ) which refers to dual organic substrates, metal catalysts and initiator respectively. In the solution-phase, concentric rings like wave patterns were observed for a period of 6-45 min. A colloidal state which comprises of numbers of fine particles was observed after 150 min. After 30 min. These particles start to organize spontaneously in forms of solid-state nucleation centers. With the function of time, the nucleation centers grown up into some symmetric and spherical crystal patterns named as spherulites. The fine solid particles was involved in the formation of complex structure are regarded as primary building unit of crystal patterns. The primary crystal units were involved into self-assembly followed by crystallization which forms spherilutic crystal patterns of symmetric structures. Keywords - Chemical oscillation, Crystallization, Growth kinetics, Self-organization, Organic substrate, Morphology, Spherulites.