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Thai Wisdom Regarding Herbal Medication in Prevention, Care and Rehabilitation in Muay Thai (Thai boxing) Fighter’s Physical Body

Thai wisdom regarding herbal medication in prevention, care and rehabilitation in Muay Thai fighter’s physical body aims to study on herb’s active constituent, medical properties of herbs, dosage and volume, dosage forms. In this research, questionnaires were implemented to conduct a survey with population: experienced Muay Thai fighters or former Muay Thai fighters and head of Thai boxing camps. 4 pharmaceutical aspects were studied such as active constituent name consisted of names, dosage forms, colors, odors and tastes; medical properties of herbs consisted of 10 flavors; dosage and volume of herb’s active constituent consisted of micro-dosing, a determination of dosage and macro-dosing and production model of herb’s active constituent consisted of liquid dosage forms (syrup, suspension and extracts) solid dosage forms (drug powder, pill, tablet and capsule) topical application forms (medicated cream, suppository and poultice) and inhalations. It is found that many herbs are practical in prevention, care and rehabilitation of MuayThai fighter’s physical body. Benefits of the research is that Thailand has many new herbal medicines; consequently, medical supplies do not have to be purchased into Thailand. Given that, a negative balance of trade can be reduced; moreover, herbal medicines that can be administered to Muay Thai fighters and sent to trade internationally. Keywords - Thai wisdom, Herbs, Prevention, Care, Rehabilitation, Muay Thai fighters