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Structural and Physicochemical Characterization of Barium Ferrite Nano Oxide

BaFeO 3−δ nano powders have been synthesized by citric acid sol–gel method. Powder XRD indicates a hexagonal structure for BaFeO 3−δ calcined at 850°C with a change to a rhombohedral perovskite at 1000°C. During the catalyst precursor calcination, a series of complex solid reactions happened, and the BaCO 3 , formed during citric acid combustion, played a key role to react with the spinel species achieving the aimed perovskite. On the BaFeO 3−δ catalyst, the perovskite phase and the small amount of spinel phase were evidenced by XRD, and some well dispersed carbonate was also detected by FT-IR. The microstructure and morphology of the compound show that the powders are constituted by the aggregation of various dimensions and forms of particles Keywords: perovskite nano oxide; sol-gel method; powder XRD; thermal analysis.