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Determining Maximum Weight of Vehicles That Can Get Through Roads on Padjadjaran University by Correlating the Slope Stability and Bearing Capacity

(250 words) Padjajaran University (Unpad) is a university that is located on Jatinangor, Sumedang, Jatinangor itself is categorized as a hill landscape which means Unpad is located on a slope and has a high intensity rate of rainfall. Because of that, a certain research is needed to avoid disaster such as landslide which will put Padjadjaran students in danger. Furthermore, roads of Unpad are passed by a lot of vehicles with various weights such as saloon cars, buses, and even trucks which will make Unpad environments even more susceptible to danger. This research is meant to determine the maximum weight of vehicles that can get through roads on rainy and day season on Unpad and also to determine which roads are safe to be used . It is done by doing some analysis which are analyzing of Unpad Geomorphological Map, Jatinangor rainfall, slope stability and bearing capacity level of roads in Unpad , and determination of vehicles that fit to pass the roads in Unpad. There are several results of this research. First, bearing capacity of roads in Unpad varies from below 3 ton/m 2 to the above 6 ton/m 2 . Second, the average state of slope stability in Unpad area are unstable. Third, the vehicles that can pass the roads of Unpad depend on their maximum weight and tire wide ratio. Keywords- Bearing capacity, vehicles, slope stability