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Effect of the Space-Time Noncommutativity in the Top Quark Pair Production At e+ e− Collider

This work is an extension of our paper “NEW LIMIT FOR THE NONCOMMUTATIVITY PARAMETER OF THE NONCOMMUTATIVE STANDARD MODEL”. We have studied the top quark pair production in the TeV energy electron-positron linear collider, in the framework of the minimal noncommutative standard model (mNCSM), using the Seiberg-Witten (SW) maps to the first order of the noncommutative (NC) parameter Θ μν . We have assumed an ansatz for the NC parameter Θ μν , we explore the noncommutative scale Λ NC ≥ 0.2 TeV considering different machine energy ranging from 0.5 TeV to 13 TeV. We find that the polar distribution deviates largely from the standard model distribution for the noncommutative scale Λ NC = 0.2 TeV at the fixed machine energy E com = 13 TeV. Keywords - Noncommutative space-time, Noncommutative standard model, Scattering cross-section, Top quark.