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Advancement in Sugar Cogeneration System

Cogeneration is the simultaneous generation in one process of thermal energy and electrical energy and/or mechanical energy. Cogeneration is understood to mean the simultaneous production of electricity and heat, with the latter generated for building heating or production processes. There is a very broad range of designs for cogeneration power plants, depending on the required generating capacity and the fuel being fired and transformed into useful energy. Due to their basic design, industrial-class units are generally configured with simple water-steam cycles. Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation significantly reduces fuel consumption compared to conventional power plants and additional boiler equipment to produce heat. The same electrical and thermal outputs can be achieved at much lower costs, while emissions to the environment are kept to a minimum. Explore Combined Heat and Power by Siemens to find out more about what cogeneration can do for your business. Index Terms - Sugarcane; Bagasse Sugarcane; Cogeneration; Electricity; Energy.