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Comparative Analysis of the Clinical, Bio-chemical and Hormonal Profile of Obese Versus Lean Kashmiri PCOS Patients - A Pilot Study

Polycystic ovary syndrome [PCOS] is considered as multisystem endocrinopathy. The aim of this study was to make a comparative analysis between clinical, hormonal and biochemical profile of obese and lean PCOS Kashmiri women. The present study on 120 PCOS patients including both obese and lean PCOS cases and 60 controls revealed that Ferriman- Gallwey [FG score] of the obese PCOS was more as compared to lean PCOS and normal controls. Hirsutism, acne, acanthosisnigricans and alopecia was seen significantly raised in PCOS women in comparison to control but were seen more in obese PCOS cases than lean PCOS cases. Systolic and diastolic blood pressure was also seen to be raised in obese PCOS in comparison to lean PCOS and controls giving an indication of risk of hypertension in obese women. Fasting blood glucose level and 1 hour glucose level was almost same for all the three groups but 2hr blood glucose levels were raised in obese cases in comparison to lean and control. Cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels were raised in obese PCOS in comparison to lean PCOS and controls .Hormonal analysis of our subjects revealed that luteinizing hormone [LH]and FSH value values of obese PCOS, lean PCOS and controls were almost same But, testosterone levels was raised in PCOS cases but much raised in obese PCOS cases Index Terms - Obesity, Polycystic ovary syndrome