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The effect of Clove Oil as Preservative Solution on Vase Life of Cut Rose Flower

This experiment was performed to evaluation of using savory essential oil (EO) for improving some qualitative characteristics of cut rose flower during vase life.Cut rose flowerscv. Velvet were picked from shrubs growing in a commercial greenhouse. Cut flowers then transported to the postharvest laboratory andrecutted before treatment. The experiment was conducted as a factorial experiment based on a completely randomized design with combinations of savory oil (0, 250, 500 mg.l-1) and sucrose (0 and 2%) with three replicates and three stems (individual flowers) for each replication. The maximum vase life was observed in cut flower stems of 500 mg/l of savory EO solution. Savory EO treatment at 250 and 500 mg/l had a similar significant effect on solution uptake and relative fresh weight of cut flower cv. Velvet. The highest level of leaf chlorophyll index was related to 250 mg/l of savory EO (56.5) compared to control and 500 mg.l concentration.EOs are safe and naturally compounds can be appropriate alternatives to extend the vase life of cut rose flowers.