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Identification of Building Climatic Guidelines of Georgia Based on the Regional Climate Change

Identification of building-climatic norms and rules may be estimated as the project of important socialeconomical and financial effects. The problem of urgency is preconditioned by the fact that the renewal of legal guidelines base has been taken place in Georgia. One of the goals of the research is the strengthening of scientific potential of Georgian urban development, what is revealed in the possibility to use specified building-climatic norms at any step of projecting. Most important is that this specification would be conducted by modern tendencies of global climate change. For Georgia as for independent state it becomes possible to identify science based building-climatic guidelines considering climate change at the first time. By achieving objectives, it will be possible to make correct architectural-planning measures while projecting building objects and efficiently realized protection of building objects from the negative impact of local climate. The main goal is identification of building-climatic guidelines for separate regions of Georgia using methodical base determined according the international standards and based on the corresponding calculations considering regular observation data of local climatic monitoring net for the last periods. Research method is based on the results of modern scientific researches in building climatology. In building climatology that is one of the branches of applied climatology, the great significance has the identification of special climatic parameters that are directly used while projecting some objects. Hence the science based identification method of one and multidimensional climatic complexes and its further development are essential. Keywords - climate change, building climatology, Complex climatic parameters, regular observation data, building-climatic zoning