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Isolating Location of Brain Tumor in MRI Images by Using Watershed and Grow Cut Algorithms

Analyzing damaged brain tissues in MRI and CT images by the doctor before any measures such as surgery, radiotherapy and … can have a huge impact on the treatment process of malady. Brain tumors are one of the most common damages and without timely treatment, irreparable damages can be possible for patient. In addition to identifying the type of tumor, it is vital to know its location and size. Therefore in this article we attempt to isolate the affected area by incorporating two segmentation algorithms Watershed and Growcut and determining the location and size of the tumor. The Watershed algorithm is a strong way for segmenting overlapper and sticked components of images. While the Growcut algorithm by multi-purpose segmentation of images based on cellular automata is able to isolate tumor location relatively accurate. Keywords: Brain Ttumor, Segmentation,Growcut, Watershed.