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Synthesis of MGO Nanostructures Via Simple Sonochemical Method for Adsorption of Low Concentrations of Amoxicillin from Aqueous Phase

MgO nanostructures were synthesized through a simple sonochemical approach to be applied for removing low concentrations of amoxicillin from the liquid phase. As results, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) exhibited favorable structure for as-synthesized MgO nanostructures with low aggregation. In the following, adsorption of amoxicillin by MgO nanostructures was optimized via response surface methodology (RSM) based on central composite design (CCD). Accordingly, the maximum amoxicillin removal of 79.32% was obtained at amoxicillin concentration of 4.62 mg/L, reaction time of 73.78 min and MgO nanostructures dosage of 2.09 g/L. The results showed that increasing MgO nanostructures dosage and elapsed time, together with decreasing the initial amoxicillin concentration, favored the removal of amoxicillin through the adsorption process. Keywords - Sonochemistry; Magnesium oxide; Nanoparticles; Adsorption; Antibiotic; Experimental design