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Removal of Arsenic from Acid Mine Drainage by Dissolved Air Flotation

This study aims to treat acid mine drainage (AMD)containing significant amount of arsenic (As)(along with higher amount of iron due to oxidation of sulfidic minerals e.g. pyrite) by dissolved air flotation (DAF) process. Artificial AMD with initial concentrations of 2 mg/L of As(V) and 10 mg/L of Fe(II) was tested in a DAF batch reactor of 20 L capacity. Ferric sulfate was used as coagulant, and kaolin as coagulant aid.Quantitative removal of arsenic and iron was achieved up to 93% and 78%, respectively. Residual arsenic content sufficiently satisfied the mine waste effluent standard (500 μg/L). Keywords: Acid Mine Drainage, Arsenic, Microbubble, Dissolved Air Flotation