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An Integrative Geological Mapping System for Fossil Distribution of Jeonnam Region in Korea

This research was proceeded in the following order: collecting fossil data in Jeollanam-do (hereinafter referred to as Jeonnam) province in Korea, classifying and organizing materials, and designing the distribution map. Cartographers usually use the geological map management system and metadata when creating geological maps, but this paper has utilized the results of previous research collected through retrieval, skipped the process and immediately initiated to cartograph. This study tried to create a distribution map using Google My Maps and change the value of input color according to the type of fossil. As a result, the distribution pattern of other fossils in the whole Jeonnam area could be analyzed. The basic platform was initially planned to be built with GIS (Geographic Information System) integrated with VR (Virtual Reality Technology) to visualize the above fossil distribution map more vividly in 3D (three-dimensional) way, and this part remains as an ongoing project. Index Terms- Jeonnam Province in Korea, Fossil Distribution, Geographic Information System, Virtual Reality, Google My Maps