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Selection of Packaging Film Based on Permeability for Fresh Black Carrot (Dacus Carota L.)

Food packaging, being an important factor for storage stability of perishable foods. For selection of food packaging materials permeability required which helps to maintain the food quality. Film permeability to O₂ and CO₂ was measured and combined with surface area and film thickness. It declines with reduction in temperature of different films (LDPE, HDPE and PP). The rates of oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide evolution increases with rise in temperature (5, 10 and 15˚C).The O₂ and CO₂ permeability per unit thickness augmented as temperature increases. All the films had lower permeabilities than required. So 0, 2 and 4 perforations were made in the film of highest permeability i.e LDPE was selected for packaging of black carrot under modified atmosphere packaging. Keywords- Packaging, Permeability, Modified atmosphere packaging