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Gel Forming Behavior of Sodium Alginate and its Effect on Ice Cream Properties

To preventicy and coarse texture due to enlargement of ice crystals during storage. Hydrocolloids are added in ice mix to attain smooth body and texture. In the present study, the effects of four different ways of mixing (In control (S1)standard procedure of stabilizer (sodium alginate) mixing with other dry ingredients was used; In S2 and S3, sodium alginate gel formed with milk; In S4 and S5 sodium alginate gel formed with warm water)on the physico-chemical properties, melting rate and sensory attributes of the ice cream was studied.The specific gravity, viscosity and overrun significantly varied (p<0.01) in all samples. The maximum viscosity was observed in S2while least in S1. The S3 sample took more time to drip first (24.18 min) along with melting rate and also highest overall acceptability among all the samples. Keywords- Blending, Ingredients and ice cream