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Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Thermophysical Properties of Liquid Mixtures Using Jouyban-Acree Model at Various Temperatures

In this work, the physical properties of binary mixtures of Acetophenone with hexylbutyrate were measured. Densities and viscosities of the binary mixtures of Acetophenone with hexylbutyrate were measured at temperature ranging from 303.15 to 323.15 k over the entire range of mole fractions. The experimentally determined thermophysical properties of the binary liquid mixtures were used to calculate the excess molar volume and viscosity deviations with Acetophenone and hexylbutyrate liquid mixtures. The measured values of viscosity and density were fitted to the Jouyban – Acree model. It was found that in all cases, the data obtained fitted with the values correlated by the corresponding model precise well. The outcomes are interpreted in terms of molecular interactions occurring in the solution. Keywords- Viscosity, Density, Thermophysical Properties, Liquid Mixtures, Molar Volume