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Dynamic Magnetic Hysteresis Behavior in a Mixed Spin (3/2, 2) Bilayer System Under a Time-Dependent Oscillating Magnetic Field

We study dynamic magnetic hysteresis properties of the mixed spin-3/2 and spin-2 Ising model on a two-layer square lattice within the framework of dynamic mean-field calculations based on the Glauber –type stochastic. We obtain the hysteresis loops for different reduced temperatures as well as investigate the effect of frequencies on the hysteresis behavior. We also study the temperature dependence of the coercive field and remanent magnetization. We compare our results with some theoretical and experimental works and observe a quantitatively good agreement with some theoretical and experimental results. Keywords: The mixed spin (3/2, 2) bilayer system; Dynamic magnetic hysteresis; coercively; remanent magnetization Mean-field approach based on the Glauber–type stochastic dynamics.